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If you follow Jesus, you know he has a purpose for you. Explore your role in the meaningful work of sharing the gospel in communities around the world.


Discover how Global Life Alliance can help you get to the mission field and thrive in life and ministry. GLA comes alongside missionaries and their churches so that missionary teams can make a lasting impact.


God has a plan to reach the world, and you have a part in it! Whether you're exploring missions for the first time or you're confident the Lord is leading you into cross-cultural ministry, our mission at Global Life Alliance is to introduce you to the nations and the heart of multi-cultural missions and ministry.


Global Life Alliance offers numerous opportunities for you to become a missionary. Join us in missionary work as we engage the unreached, make disciples and establish reproducing churches. 

Groups are limited to a small number of participants to provide hands on ministry and plenty of opportunities for individual spiritual growth.


Wait no longer. Contact us today!

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